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Introduced in 1993, Let It Ride Poker is one of the newer games in American casinos. It is a variant of Five-Card Stud Poker and was born and raised in Las Vegas.

The object of the game is to get a pair of 10s or Better from a combination of your three cards and two community cards, while keeping all three regular bets in action.
Let It Ride Poker uses the standard ranking of Poker hands ranging from a Royal Flush down to a Pair of 10s. You must have at least a Pair of 10s or Better to win. The higher your hand is ranked, the more you will win. In Let It Ride you do not play against a house hand. You are simply trying to make the best five-card Poker hand using the three cards dealt to you and the two community cards.

Aside from regular bets, you have the option of betting $1 in order to qualify for a Bonus Payoff. Bonus payoffs are in addition to other payoffs and are paid on hands ranked Three of a Kind and higher.

Initially you must place three identical bets. Each bet must be at least table minimum. This may sound like a lot, but you will have the opportunity to withdraw two of the three bets as the hand progresses. Your hand consists of five cards: three dealt to you and two community cards placed in front of the dealer. If after viewing your first three cards you don't like your chances of getting a Pair of 10s or Better, you can withdraw your first bet. If you think you will make a Pair of 10s or Better, or if you already have a Pair of 10s or Better, you can let your bet ride. After deciding to withdraw or Let It Ride, the first of the community cards is dealt. Taking all four cards into consideration, you must now decide what to do with your second bet: withdraw or Let It Ride. Your third and final bet cannot be withdrawn therefore; you must Let It Ride. The dealer now deals the fifth and final card. If you have a Pair of 10s or Better, you win! Winning bets are paid according to the Payoff Schedule. In addition, if you have a Three of a Kind or better you will also receive the Bonus Payoff.
  • Minimum bet is $2.
  • Maximum bet is $300.
  • Bonus bet is $1.
  • Maximum payoff on any hand is $50,000.
  • A single deck of cards is shuffled after each hand.
All five-card hands of 10s or Better are paid according to the following schedule.

HandPayoff Odds
Royal Flush1000:1
Straight Flush200:1
Four of a Kind50:1
Full House11:1
Three of a Kind3:1
Two Pair2:1
Pair of 10s or Better1:1
Before any cards are dealt you have the option of betting $1 on the Bonus Payoff. This is a separate bet from your regular bet and is not applied toward the minimum bet. To place this bet simply left-click on the red circle below the Bonus Payoff pay schedule. The red circle will light up indicating that you are eligible for the Bonus Payoff. When the cards are dealt, this bet will be removed from the layout but the circle will remain lit until the conclusion of the hand. If your hand is Three of a Kind or higher you win according to the following schedule. Remember this is a bonus and is in addition to your regular bet winnings!

Hand $ Bonus Payoff
Royal Flush$30,000
Straight Flush$3,000
Four of a Kind$400
Full House$200
Three of a Kind$5
The game starts when you place a bet. The details of placing bets can be read in Placing Bets on Table Games. It is strongly recommended that you read these Common Factors before playing. After placing your bets, (don't forget the Bonus Payoff) left-click the Deal button to deal the cards. Assess your hand and decide if you want to withdraw or Let It Ride. To Let It Ride, left-click on the Let It Ride button on the lower right side of the game. If you decide to withdraw a bet, left-click on the Withdr button to the right of the Let It Ride button and your bet is returned to you. After you make your first withdraw or Let It Ride decision, one of the two community cards is dealt in front of the dealer. You must now make your second withdraw or Let It Ride decision. (As you can see at this point, if you have opted to withdraw twice, 2/3 of your original bet, not including the Bonus Payoff, is returned to you!) After your final withdraw or Let It Ride decision the second community card is dealt. At this point your five-card hand is evaluated. If you have a Pair of 10s or Better you win! Place another bet to play again.


Up ArrowIncrease bet in $1 increments
(Shift)Up ArrowIncrease bet in $10 increments
Down ArrowDecrease bet in $1 increments
(Shift)Down ArrowDecrease bet in $10 increments
InsertRepeat last bet (including Bonus)
+Place bonus bet
DeleteRemove bets from table (excluding Bonus)

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