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The name Baccarat (BAH-ka-rah) is derived from the Italian baccara, which means zero. The term refers to the face cards and 10s, all of which have zero value in the game. In Europe, Baccarat and a similar version called Chemin de Fer, are among the most popular casino games.

The object of Baccarat is to bet on which of the two hands dealt will total closest to nine.
Baccarat is the easiest card game in the casino to play. You only need to make one decision in Baccarat: where to place your bet. You can place your bet on the PLAYER, BANKER or TIE. (BANKER and PLAYER are only names of hands and do not indicate hands for the house or player.) The dealer, according to the Game Rules, completes the hand. If your bet is on the hand closest to nine, you win!

Card values are as follows:
  • Ace is counted as one
  • 2-9 are counted at face value
  • Ten, Jack, Queen, and King are counted as zero
When the total of the cards is 10 or greater, only the second digit is used to determine the value of the hand. For example, a hand consisting of a 9 and a 7 adds up to 16. The value of the hand is 6 because only the second digit is used. Any two-card hand totaling 8 or 9 is a Natural and no additional cards are drawn.
Initially, four cards are dealt. Two cards to the PLAYER hand and two cards to the BANKER hand. Depending on the value of each hand, a third card may be drawn on one or both hands according to the charts below.

PLAYER's Hand Rules
When the PLAYER's first 2 cards total PLAYER's hand will
0-5 Draw a third card
6 or 7 Stand
8 or 9Stand - Natural

Banker's Hand Rules
When the BANKER's first 2 cards total:BANKER's hand takes a third card if the third card to the PLAYER is:
3Not an 8
6 or 76 or 7
8 or 9Stand - Natural

  • Winning PLAYER bets pay even money.
  • Winning BANKER bets pay even money less a 5% commission. The minimum commission is $.25 and it is rounded up to the nearest $5. For example, if you bet $14 on the BANKER and win, your commission charge is $.75
  • Winning TIE bets pay 9 for 1 or 8 to 1. When a hand is tied, only TIE bets are affected; PLAYER and BANKER bets have no action and may be altered before the next hand is dealt. A hand is a TIE if, after the hand is played out, the BANKER and PLAYER hands are of equal value. TIE bets can be made in addition to BANKER and PLAYER bets.
  • Minimum bet is $5.
  • Maximum bet is $300 in total.
  • An 8-deck shoe is shuffled after each hand.
The game starts when you place a bet. The details of placing bets can be read in Placing Bets on Table Games. It is strongly recommended that you read these Common Factors before playing. As mentioned in the Overview, you can make a bet on the BANKER, PLAYER or TIE. A combination of these bets can also be made.
  • To place your bet on the PLAYER, left-click on the Y.
  • To place your bet on the BANKER, left-click on the K.
  • To place your TIE bet, left-click on the 5 above the K.
After placing your initial bet, left-click the Deal button to deal the cards. The PLAYER and BANKER hands are dealt in front of the dealer with the PLAYER hand on the left side of the layout. The dealer will play out the PLAYER's hand and then the BANKER's hand according to the Game Rules. After the hand is completed, bets will be paid or taken accordingly. In the case of a TIE, only TIE bets are affected. PLAYER and BANKER bets are a push. Place another bet to play again.

In addition to the standard menu options, Baccarat has a Statistics option. When you click on this option a display pops up showing the history of the last 13 outcomes.

Note: The Pass button to the right side of the Deal button is used in multi-player Baccarat only. It has no use in the single player game.


Up ArrowIncrease bet in railing in $1 increments
(Shift)Up ArrowIncrease bet in railing in $10 increments
Down ArrowDecrease bet in railing in $1 increments
(Shift)Down ArrowDecrease bet in railing in $10 increments
1 (on number keypad only) or EndPlace bet in railing on PLAYER
2 (on number keypad only)Place bet in railing on BANKER
3 (on number keypad only) or Page DownPlace bet in railing on TIE
DeleteRemove all bets from table

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